What is Systema?
No rank, no rules, no pre-orchestrated movement, no limitations (except for the "Law of Nature"), Russian Martial Art is a system of education in human biomechanics and the study of human behavior under extreme situations. Students of Russian Martial Art are guided to explore their full human potential. The learning environment is based upon ease, equality and enjoyment. Movement is natural and free, and acquirement of skill is based on the study of Russian folk dances, Slavic folklore, and natural laws of interdisciplinary kinesiology, biomechanics, and psycho-physiology. 

In Russian Martial Art, the main goal of a person is to render the adversary harmless while minimizing losses for both self and foe. Students learn to work efficiently in any situation that requires defense, prevention of aggression, or conflict resolution. This is how the Russian Martial Artist returns to the original Law of the community of life. Learning Russian Martial Art, students acquire great power as fighters, but more importantly as human beings, increasing ones value for health and life, for both self and others. Both in combat and in life, students treat other creatures with awareness and compassion. When necessary, firm action is issued, but never in a callous or careless manner, and when all other options have been considered. "You life is not your alone; it belongs to your friends, family and community" (ibid. Alexander Ivanovich Retuinskih), or as is said in the Cossack Cadet Code: "The life of your friend is always more valuable than your own. You can die yourself, but rescue your friend." This is the crux and cornerstone of Russian Martial Art: the preservation and harmony with the community of life. 


Systema Hand-to-Hand training reveals the true way of self-defense. Experts call it the most important contribution to the worldwide movement of life and combat training. Vladimir Vasiliev is one of the few men in the world that has mastered the lost secrets of SYSTEMA – the fighting system of the ancient Russian warriors – and applied them in numerous battles and high-risk missions of the Russian Special Operations Units.
You will learn the fundamental principle of unarmed hand-to-hand combat including a multitude of fascinating drills, ideas and ways to develop endurance, sensitivity, striking power as well as experiencing a rather unique use of the body for defense and attack, with emphasis on breathing, continuity, economy of motion, and unpredictable response and reactions.
You will be introduced to a set of unique strategies designed to overcome any conceivable attack from all angles and positions to defeat multiple attackers and disarm weapons - from the ground. You will learn how to fight from the ground unarmed against one, two and three opponents who try to grab, choke, kick, punch or stab you. Learn specific tactics designed to develop proper breathing, avoid Injuries and maximize your overall body strength while developing your psyche to control fear and tension.
You will learn methods designed to gain complete control of single or multiple armed attackers. Master both the fundamental and advanced tactics while empty-handed or when armed. Explore the incredible ways of turning common items in your surrounding into highly effective tools of protection. All of this training has provided the mainstay of the unique combat tactics of the Russian *Spetsnaz’s Special Forces. 


*Spetsnaz or Voiska Spetsialnogo Naznachenia stands for the Russian Special Forces. Within this highly acclaimed military organization, there are a few Special Operations Units used in the highest risk missions. The soldiers that made up these units went through extremely intense training in all three levels of human capacities: the physical, the psychological, and the psychic. They became true masters of this traditional style of fighting, while continuously enhancing its elements in covert military operations and the executive protection of top government officials and military personnel.