A FREE 5- WEEK (10-HR) Introductory Personal Safety program for women

How to become your own bodyguard” A Comprehensive guide for women

DATE: April 11th –May 9th 2018   TIME: Wednesdays: 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Chief Instructor Sali Azem has over 50 years of training and teaching experience in martial arts & personal protection. 

He is a Master Instructor, Former Bodyguard, Private Investigator & Security Consultant. He holds a Master’s Degree in Community Psychology and is a Board Certified Forensic Counselor


This is a unique real world defensive tactic program offering pertinent information to prepare you to be your best protector and stay safe under all conditions. Handouts,video and discussion along with physical tactics will be used to learn situational awareness and develop strategies and techniques necessary to both physically and mentally “fight back”. 

Participants will be exposed to an overview of a variety of topics pertaining to safety and personal protection. The topics will include but not be limited to the following:

  The Victim:

Assault Triangle and Behavioral Addictive Cycle – introduction with focuses upon a predator’s skill-set covering ability, intent and subsequent opportunity to commit a crime upon another person.

Stalking by Proxy - how individuals interview intended victims to gather information, how sociopaths work and what an erotomanic stalker thinks.


  The Predator

Typology and profiles of domestic stalkers - how they behave, operate and choose their intended victims as well as the similarities/differences of a domestic stalker, sexual predator and/or domestic violence batterer.

Victimology and the predator typology including mental impairment - knowledge of prescription/illegal drugs misuse including types of sedatives often used in date rape scenarios and how they work.


  The Bodyguard – You!

Learn how to effectively punch and kick in the Slavic fighting tradition as well as break away from holds and chokes. Learn to utilize other parts of your body as a weapon while defending yourself against a punch, kick,edged weapon, stick and baseball bat.

Learn how to escape from a car trunk, a locked room and from handcuffs as well as how to break away from restraints such as zip ties, masking tape, ropes and belts.

Learn how to utilize everyday items (pair of sunglasses, car key,umbrella, magazine etc.) as improvised weapons for defense.

Learn strategies designed to stay safe in your home as well as in a hotel room, vehicle, parking lot and in public buildings while walking and/or jogging. Planning both domestic and international trips etc.

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